Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Amy's Soap Challenge #6 and Special Treat!

Challenge #6 - Faux Funnel Pour

 I had to do this twice and got 2 great soaps and a wonderful Birthday treat :)

Lemon Sugar Faux Funnel Pour - 2nd batch

Tonight is the last night of my husband's 4 day weekend that happened to fall on my birthday weekend. It is a special treat to have him home for a long weekend AND my birthday. Lucky me!! :)

I wanted to get my soap challenge done ahead of time so I could get back to the grind of school during the week. 
This challenge was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was really nervous that I would split my soap off into 4 portions and everything would get thick. But, I used a FO that I have soaped with in the past and I used a soap recipe that I knew would stay fluid and I kept the temp low.
I had a helper, hope it's not cheating. My wonderful husband joined in on the fun. He has never soaped with me and he was so cute trying to do it so perfectly. He was a little nervous but I think he had fun.  
Fruit Loops Faux Funnel Pour... 1st try... WOW! 

So here is how it went.. I mixed up my soap batch and split it off into 4 equal parts. Oh, I have to add that I have been adding my FO to my oils before I add the lye solution and have found that it helps me gauge how the rest of the soaping experience is going to be like. I don't know if or how the FO is affected by adding it before or after but it's working for me right now so that's what I will continue to do until somebody tells me otherwise.  So, back to the soap table. After I split everything into 4 parts, I colored each one with the mica colors we chose. I had heard that oxides may thicken the batter so I opted out on using them this time. took 2 colors and hubby took the other.
I think we got a little carried away and forgot what we were doing. We started to pour too high and after a few times we just kept going with it. We got some air bubbles in there even though I smacked the snot out of it repeatedly. Oh well. What can ya do? Sometimes it happens.

So here is our creation. When I was cutting it I was thinking how pretty it was. Then the last couple of cuts kind of freaked me out (in a good way). I took pictures and sent them to my husband at work. We had 2 faces in our soap!! 

Check it out...

Happy Birthday Soap - Kim's Gone Loopy


  1. Ha ha! These are so cool! I actually had one soaper tell me she was sitting out this challenge because it looks like clown faces and it really creeps her out! LOL!

    In the original faux funnel pour post by Anne-Marie, she recommends doing this method with a friend, so you actually did it correctly!

    Happy Birthday!!

    1. Ohmygosh.. if that soaper sees these soaps she will freak out... lol
      I had so much fun with my hubby helping me. He usually leaves me be to do my soap. He perked up when I asked him to help.
      Thank you for the birthday wish. I had a great birthday :)

  2. Lovely soaps, Kim! The Fruit Loops soap is really cool and trippy, and I also like the clean pour lines of the Lemon Sugar. It must have been fun having your hubby help. I also add my FO to my cooled oils before adding the lye solution, and it works great for me. Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

    1. Thank you Jenny. My daughter really loves the fruit loops face. She said I had to save one for her so she can creep out her friends... lol
      The lemon sugar bar is very pretty. My photo doesn't pick up the color that well. Its neon orange, margarita lime and white. (I need to work on photo taking seriously.. ha)
      I'm really finding that when I add the FO up front there isn't as big of a surprise. I think it has the other oils to kind of buffer it so it doesn't misbehave as badly. Maybe I'm making it up but that's what it seems like to me. Thanks Again :)

    2. Jenny... did you do the faux funnel pour?

    3. Kim, I did do a faux funnel pour a couple of months ago and I blogged about it. I need to try it again someday - my soaps turned out nice, but the batter got a bit thick on me. It didn't have the fluidity I wanted and I ended up doing more of a "plop pour," lol. I agree with you, too, on the issue of adding your FO/EO to your oils before adding the lye solution. I also think it gives you a buffer if you've got a potentially finicky fragrance. Seems to be less of a shock to the soap batter. Plus I won't forget to add it later if I just add it all up front. I add my FO/EO to my oils once they cool to about 110 degrees F, just before I add the lye solution. :)

    4. I will check your blog. I can totally relate to the "plop pour" "method".. I have had a couple of those that I could of lived without.. lol
      Take care.. talk to you soon :)