Sunday, April 8, 2012

Soap Addiction... Bay Rum Soap

Bay Rum

Hi, my name is Kim, and I am a soapaholic.
It's been less that 24 hours since my last soap. I soaped again today. I have to fight the urge to make batch after batch. I have so much soap already but I just need to make more and more and more! 
Oh, who am I kidding? I love soaping and it's not a bad thing... lol

Ok, so you wanna know what I soaped today?

I got a wonderful fragrance oil called Bay Rum and it smells divine!! 
I had this really nice idea in my head of brown, gold and cream swirls so off I went to make it happen.
I already knew that the FO would discolor to a toffee color and I was ok with that. I split the batch off into 3 parts. One part would be the toffee color and the other 2 parts I would color a dark yellow/gold and cream (no colorant). I did not put FO in these parts because I wanted (hoped) they would stay the color I wanted them to.
I decided midstream that I wanted some dark brown in the light brown so I poured off some of the uncolored soap I set out and added some cocoa to it.
Everything was going along really well. It looked really nice. I sprinkled some ground clove on the top and put it to bed. 
A couple hours later I decided to peek on it. Wouldn't you know it! The whole thing went into gel (not a bad thing) and turned really dark (could be a bad thing). I am crossing all my fingers that it still resembles some kind of swirl inside. We won't know until tomorrow. It still smells good.. yay!

Lesson learned today... Bay Rum heats up.

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