Saturday, April 21, 2012

Slow down!!! Salt Bar Failure

A lesson learned..... Slow down!!

Ok, so I was all jazzed that my salt bars came out that I thought, "Wow! I wanna make a loaf now". Great!! No problem!! Unless you are not watching the time and you are supposed to go to dinner with your family for your birthday. 

First mistake... thinking that a full loaf mold of salt bars is a good thing.
Second mistake ... putting cardboard on top of said full mold without putting plastic or paper on it first (slow down!) I pulled a big chunk of soap off the top of the loaf.
Third mistake ... cutting without measuring (slow down!)
Fourth mistake.. thinking nice big salt bars are a good thing (they weigh a ton)
Fifth mistake ... not cutting the tops off the messed up bars (cause I had to leave and now they can't be cut)

They are pretty and smell good... lol

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