Saturday, June 30, 2012

Shampoo Bar.....

Yesterday I made my first shampoo bar. I formulated the recipe and got to soaping. Then somewhere midstream I decided to add egg yolk, and then I decided I wanted a bit more peppermint EO so I put a few extra drops mid mix. Good thing I keep good notes or I would of never known what I put in it.. ha ha

I only made a small batch to test it out. I put lanolin in it and I have never soaped with it before so we will see how it goes. A fellow soaper shared a shampoo bar recipe and she used lanolin so I said, "What the heck? Why not?". I had 3 jars of lanolin that I intended to make some lotion or body butter but hadn't gotten a chance to get to it so I already had it and needed to use it. I've been wanting to soap with it and here was my chance.

It's still sitting in my Pringle's can mold. I made a little soap ball to watch the progress and it's still slightly soft so I will wait to unmold and cut it till tomorrow.

Stay tuned..

Sunday, June 10, 2012

80's Birthday Party for my Granddaughter.. Fun times!!

Me, my brother and my daughter :)

Kaylani in the middle, Brianna on the right, Lu Lu in front
 and Kay's friend Isabelle on the left.

Yesterday we had an 80's themed birthday party for my granddaughter. It was such good fun. My daughter planned bingo and twister for the kids. I provided food, cupcakes and a giant cupcake for the birthday girl. She loved that I filled it with cheesecake :)

I will put more pictures up as soon as I can.

See you all soon.

Graduating soon and I miss soap!!!

Just wanted to check in and let you all know I am still alive.. lol

Finals are this week and I graduate on Friday. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I still have to sit for my certification exam and do my externship but the hardest part is done. Now I just have to take my education and go forward and figure out what area of medicine I want to work in.

On the soap front, I am totally having withdrawals!! I have had several ideas for soap running in my head for weeks and haven't had time to make any. I swear I am going to take a whole week to just make soap when I can. Ha!

Keep an eye open for some yummy soapies. I have a shampoo bar recipe waiting to be made and a Milk, Oat and Honey bar that I want to make again. I decided I really like the recipe but the oats are too scrubby even though I ground them up really fine. So I decided to try to grind them up even more to get oat flour.

Now if I can just get the hang of essential oil blending. Hmmm :o/