Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graduating soon and I miss soap!!!

Just wanted to check in and let you all know I am still alive.. lol

Finals are this week and I graduate on Friday. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. I still have to sit for my certification exam and do my externship but the hardest part is done. Now I just have to take my education and go forward and figure out what area of medicine I want to work in.

On the soap front, I am totally having withdrawals!! I have had several ideas for soap running in my head for weeks and haven't had time to make any. I swear I am going to take a whole week to just make soap when I can. Ha!

Keep an eye open for some yummy soapies. I have a shampoo bar recipe waiting to be made and a Milk, Oat and Honey bar that I want to make again. I decided I really like the recipe but the oats are too scrubby even though I ground them up really fine. So I decided to try to grind them up even more to get oat flour.

Now if I can just get the hang of essential oil blending. Hmmm :o/


  1. Congratulations on finals and graduation this week !!! Catherine from Newt & Fig is doing a video on shampoo bars on her Soaping 101 YouTube channel this coming Monday. I know it's a ways aways, but maybe with graduation done you'll be ready to give it a try. I've been looking for a good shampoo soap recipe too - just found one for dark hair. Will let you know what I think of it when I get around to soaping this weekend. ~Suzy

    1. Thank you so much Suzy! I watch all of the Soaping 101 videos with Catherine. I love them. She is so great to do them too. I formulated a shampoo bar but haven't been able to make it yet. It will be awesome to see what Catherine has to say about making them. Please do let me know how yours turns out. Hugs... Kim :)