Saturday, March 31, 2012

Arius' first birthday..

Today is my baby nephew's first birthday. He is such a beautiful child. My brother and his wife are so blessed.
Happy Birthday Arius!! We love you so very much.
Friends and family got together to celebrate and it was a great day. The sun kept trying to come out but the clouds won out most of the day. Mother nature was kind and waited until everyone left to decide to rain. There was no chance of rain if you asked the weather report.
My dogs were outside and thought it was pretty fun to dance around in the rain and mud.. lol

 Yummers!! Cake!!

 Arius' beautiful sister Brianna getting her face painted by our wonderful friend Cindy :)

Prezzy time!! Yay!! This kid got so many presents it isn't even funny!

Amy's Soap Challenge #1... A lesson learned

I learned two things... Challenge #1

#1. It's not a good idea to soap when your not in a good mood. It messes up your soap Chi. I am so happy when I soap so it was my idea that if I soap when I am in a bad mood it will put me in a better mood. Fail!!

#2. Do not try a new technique with a new fragrance oil. There usually isn't any room for both during one session of soaping, at least for me. I was trying to learn how to swirl in the pot. I used a recipe with full liquid and kept the temp low. It was going along really great until I added the fragrance oil. Ended up glopping and trying to swirl the colors and just making a muddy mess. I had chunks of batter and couldn't mix it out because of all the colors in there. Came really close to soap on stick. I don't even want to take the soap out of the mold for fear of what is inside.. lol.. the top looks good though.. ha! :)

I bow down to all of those that have mastered this technique. You all make it look so easy. Not sure if I will try this again. I probably will because I know it would work properly if I used a FO that would behave.

Got my lye mixture added to my oils... ready to go!

Didn't have time to take a shot of it all in the pot. That soap went from 5 mph to 100 mph in 20 seconds!! No joke... I was in a hard core panic!!

Look how innocent it looks sitting there all pretty on top. I am scared of the horror going on inside... lol
I do not want to unmold it, I am scared! :/

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Mad Soaper..

The Mad Soaper!! Wow, my daughter caught me making soap. If I would of known it was going to be a photo shoot I would of put on my nicer old clothes... lol ;)

Amy's Weekly Soap Challenge

I decided to secretly do Amy's soap challenge. You can check it out here, I am not in a league with these soapers but it's giving me projects to learn. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Soapies from the past...

A few soaps from the past... it's all a learning experience and fun fun fun :)

This is supposed to be a meadow with flowers and fluffy clouds in the sky. It turned out to be a low cloud day.. ha ha.. smells great! Juniper Breeze :)

One of my favorite fragrance oils. I love soaping with it and I love the scent. Chamomile & Lavender.

A wonderful blend of citrus and a pretty nice swirl.

This soap didn't come out as planned but is a great bar in spite of it all. I was trying to go for a hot cocoa kind of thing but the froth top looks really yucky. I used cocoa powder for the brown and lots of cocoa butter and a dark chocolate fragrance to make this a soap that I almost want to eat :)

My first attempt at making soap in a slab with swirls and textured top. Not too bad. The soap is really nice. I used shea butter and a fresh spring fragrance.

This one was the most fun of all the soaps I have made so far. I have never piped anything before and I think I did a pretty good job. My first try at glitter too. I've gotten a little lighter hand now. 
I don't have any of these left. I gave them all away for gifts. They are raspberry vanilla with shea butter.