Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amy's Soap Challenge #1... A lesson learned

I learned two things... Challenge #1

#1. It's not a good idea to soap when your not in a good mood. It messes up your soap Chi. I am so happy when I soap so it was my idea that if I soap when I am in a bad mood it will put me in a better mood. Fail!!

#2. Do not try a new technique with a new fragrance oil. There usually isn't any room for both during one session of soaping, at least for me. I was trying to learn how to swirl in the pot. I used a recipe with full liquid and kept the temp low. It was going along really great until I added the fragrance oil. Ended up glopping and trying to swirl the colors and just making a muddy mess. I had chunks of batter and couldn't mix it out because of all the colors in there. Came really close to soap on stick. I don't even want to take the soap out of the mold for fear of what is inside.. lol.. the top looks good though.. ha! :)

I bow down to all of those that have mastered this technique. You all make it look so easy. Not sure if I will try this again. I probably will because I know it would work properly if I used a FO that would behave.

Got my lye mixture added to my oils... ready to go!

Didn't have time to take a shot of it all in the pot. That soap went from 5 mph to 100 mph in 20 seconds!! No joke... I was in a hard core panic!!

Look how innocent it looks sitting there all pretty on top. I am scared of the horror going on inside... lol
I do not want to unmold it, I am scared! :/

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