Sunday, April 1, 2012

Amy's Soap Challenge #2....Soaping with goats milk

Today I tried something new with my soap. I added goats milk. Since I live in the city and "fresh" goats milk would require me to take a mortgage out on my home, I opted to use powdered goats milk. I reserved a bit of the water that I weighed out for my batch and warmed it and added the powdered milk to it. I suppose I could of mixed the milk with more water and froze it and used the frozen method, but I wasn't brave enough to try that yet. So, I added the milk concentrate after my lye and oils were already mixed. 
At first I got scared cause the "milk" didn't blend in like I thought it would with my whisk. So I grabbed the stick blender and proceeded to cream it up good!! That seemed to be the trick because it all smoothed out and then I added some honey fragrance oil. My husband loves vanilla and honey soaps so I was thinking of him when I made this one :)
I knew it would heat up so I popped it in the refrigerator to sit for a few hours. Oh, I almost forgot, I put bubble wrap in my mold to try to get a honey comb pattern. I'm hoping my soap will get more yellow or golden. I didn't want to add any colorant to this batch because I want to see what the milk and this FO does. It smells really really good!!

Took it out of the fridge. It gelled up. Maybe I should of put it in the freezer?

Never used bubble wrap for the texture. All 4 sides... too much? lol

Partial Gel :(

In the mold. I can't figure out why this picture keeps loading sideways. Sorry

Update Thursday April 5, 2012: So this soap has been curing for a few days and it's gotten a little darker, but not much. Its a light beige color and I'm ok with it. The partial gel is still very noticeable, but that's ok too.
I took my little end cut to the sink and lathered it up. It is so nice and creamy and has just the right amount of suds. This FO is definitely a keeper. The honey smell is so strong and wonderful. I have never had such a lovely honey FO before. When I used the sample piece of soap the honey smell lingered on my hands for quite a while.
Very nice :)


  1. Great job on your first milk soap!! Adding honey can really heat up your soap, in addition to the sugars from the goat's milk. Freezer might have worked! You won't know unless you try it again. :) I like the bubble wrap all the way around! How do you like the FEEL of the milk soap?

    1. Yay... my first comment!! lol
      It's ok that it gelled. I just wish it would of gelled all the way to the corners if if felt it needed to gel. It probably got hot because of the bubble wrap all the way around too. I really like how it turned out. My hubby LOVES the smell. It feels really nice. I had a bit extra soap that didn't fit in my mold so I'm gonna cheat and check it out soon :)
      Thanks so much for visiting my new blog. And thanks for giving me a push to do something new. Hugs :)

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