Monday, May 7, 2012

Sweet Lemon Green Tea Homemade Soap

Sweet Lemon Green Tea Homemade Soap | Our Life Simplified
I found this wonderful recipe at the link above and decided this was the one.... 

So, this was my project today. It was my first try at hot process soap. We will see how it turns out tomorrow.

Stay tuned .. pictures to come :)

Next day:
This is the beginning of the cook. No it's not burning. My liquid is brewed tea so it was almost black. (I don't know what is up with this picture. It's not sideways in my file and I didn't take it sideways but it wants to be that way in my blog.. sigh)

The beginning of the cook. 

First cutting. Not too bad :)

Up close and personal

Moved to soap curing room

Finding a resting place next to last weeks soapie

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